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Save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year with eco-friendly ink and toner cartridges.

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FREE Same Day Delivery

With any purchase over $50, we will deliver your purchase to Saint Cloud and the surrounding area (20 miles around, actually). In Wisconsin, North Dakota, or South Dakota? No problem! We deliver next day to 6 states. Call to see if your business is in our delivery area.

We’ve Done the Comparison For You!

Our quote to you will include the pricing you have been paying. And you’ll see first hand just how much you’ve been overpaying for your ink and toner.

How It Works

We take the name brand cartridge, clean it out, refill it, test it, and sell it you for 30% less than new. Doing this process saves the environment greatly! It takes hundreds of years for cartridges to decompose in landfills. Reusing the cartridge is a greener option and saves you tons of money. Reduce your carbon footprint and switch to St. Cloud Cartridges today!

Printer Service

Skip the huge contracts and long wait times from the other guys. If your desktop printer needs repair, we’ll come fix it for you. Or you can bring it to us and we’ll test it right at the store.